Saturday, September 09, 2006

Amazon Launches Unbox Video Service

Amazon launched its own video download service on Thursday called Unbox. The service features DVD-quality movies and TV shows from over 30 studio and network partners. Downloaded videos also include a second file optimized for playback on handheld multimedia devices.
Unbox uses a specific download system that lets viewers begin watching shows while they are downloading, instead of making them wait until the entire file has been saved to their hard drive. This means that customers with a typical DLS or cable modem connection can start watching a show within about five minutes or purchase.
TV shows are priced at 1.99 USD each, and most movies are priced between 7.99 USD and 14.99 USD. Movie rentals are also available for 3.99 USD. A rental is valid for 30 days, and automatically disables itself 24 hours after you watch it.
Unbox also includes Amazon Your Media Library, a Web-based service that tracks your Amazon media purchases. From here, users can track their Unbox purchases and download them to an additional computer.


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